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"We believe that world-class games should be within reach of anyone, anywhere."


"We provide small agile teams, tools and a creative environment, alongside a solid organised framework in order to drive innovation and our people forward."

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious."

This is true for Einstein and this is true for us. We keep learning, testing and exploring every single day, since we learn the most from our own curiosity and thirst for self improvement.

Every person and team is empowered to take their own decision.

Because we believe that speed and flexibility are the key elements in pushing ourselves, our teams and our games forward. We therefore respect our team members and we solve the problems as a team, celebrating all successes and failures together.

We take all opportunities to innovate and constantly improve every single process, mechanic and design we come by.

We see market changes as opportunities, as we have an open mind and are not afraid to fail.


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