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This book is a detailed guide to create and deploy mobile games on multiple mobile platforms with an emphasis on practical examples that help you learn how to make your own games quickly and efficiently.This book is for developers who are new to mobile game development or who have tried the native development of mobile games and want a simpler, faster tool that can support a wide variety of platforms and devices. Readers are expected to be at least partially familiar with the Lua game scripting language that Gideros uses for its scripts.


Arturs Sosins is a developer living with his wife Anna and son Tomass. He has a Master's degree in Computer Science and even though he is working as a developer full time, he still loves coding and shares his knowledge with others in his spare time. In his last years at the university, he started chasing the dream of creating his own mobile games for fun and personal satisfaction in his spare time. After trying out lots of different cross-platform frameworks for mobile game development, he found Gideros SDK in January 2012 and liked it so much that he decided to stick with it when developing his games. In the summer of 2012, he founded a group of like-minded developers/designers who go under the indie label ( They released Mashballs (, their fi rst game, in September 2012 and are currently working on a couple of bigger game projects. As there was a lack of learning materials and tutorials for Gideros and writing was one of the his favorite hobbies, he started creating different tutorials on how to accomplish simple things in Gideros. This led him to create his new blog Due to popularity of his tutorials and the support he provided on the Gideros community forum, he became the most active community member. In February 2013, the Gideros team offered him the position in the Gideros developers' team, where he has been working since then, while continuing to work on games in his spare time.

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